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Episode #40 - The ol' Switcharoo

Episode #39 - We're Comin Home

Episode #37 - Haris Something or Other

Episode #36 - All or Something

Episode #34 - Sons of Parcero

Episode #33 - 55 and Gray Hair

Episode #31 - Portland Created Soccer

Episode #28 - Brandon Comisky Airs Out His Laundry

This week we are joined by the Philadelphia Union's Director of Equipment, Brandon Comisky! Brandon takes us behind the scenes to discuss how life is in the bubble and how it's making his job different. We also look forward to this week's match and give our predictions

Episode #27 - Talking BPC with Ray Gaddis

This week we had a fantastic conversation with Philadelphia Union RB Ray Gaddis. We of course spoke about the tournament, but really had an emphasis on the BPC and action taken around MLS. Oscar Reyes of Kings Pro also joins us to discuss their #EndRacism shin guards that players are currently using in the MLS is Back Tournament.

Episode #26 - Matt's Disney Knowledge

This week we discuss the ever changing MLS is Back Tournament in Orlando, give our opinions and thoughts, talk some Premier League, and Matt unveils a new segment!

Episode #25 - The Pod Goes Livestream

This week we brought Episode 25 to you via livestream! We discussed all the current events in MLS, recapped on the first 25 episodes, and Matt gives us some prime Disney content.

Episode #24 - Jared leaks Union Hulk

This week, Jared Nisly joins us as we discuss Union Happy Hour, MLS Is Back, Premier League, and bring back Asshat of the Week!

Episode #23 - Richard Leibovitch Loses His Keys

It's almost impossible to have a synopsis of this week's episode... This week we have on a member of the Philadelphia Union ownership group, Rich Leibovitch! He takes us behind the scenes of how Kevin Durant became a minority owner of the Union. We also learn of some future projects for the Union, and discuss the upcoming tournament. Oh, and Adam steals Rich's keys.

Episode #22 - American Treasure: Alexi Lalas

In one of our most anticipated pods, Alexi Lalas joins us to talk about everything on and off the field. We go behind the scenes of Alexi's storied career around American Soccer, where we hear a juicy Maurice Edu fashion story, and learn how he helped bring David Beckham to the MLS. We also discuss the upcoming MLS tournament and the future of the beautiful game in America.

Episode #21 - KD's Burner Podcast

This week it's back to the three of us as we discuss the current times around the world, return to play for the MLS as well as other leagues, how much this tournament means for the Union, and even some Kevin Durant talk!

Episode #20 - Two Adams Too Many

Adam Cann from the Philadelphia Union joins the pod this week to talk Union! He takes us behind the scenes and tells us some of his favorite stories. We also discuss the return of sports, and what it means for the Union.

Episode #19 - The Book of Morgan

Photographer Morgan Tencza joins the pod to discuss her future and whats in store for her. We talk Union zooms, Premier League, and also discuss our opinions on the current Bundesliga.

Episode #18 - Tannenwald is on Fire!

Jonathan Tannenwald joins the pod this week to discuss the current times of soccer and sports! We also discuss this weekend's Bundesliga action, and what teams to follow along with. There's also a leak of a possible new podcast?

Episode #17 - Day 442 of the Quarantine

This week it's back to the 3 of us as we discuss, US Soccer, Mergers, Bundesliga, Zoom and much more!

Episode #16 - Jamie Lynch's 60 Seconds of Soccer

On this week's pod Jamie Lynch of the 97.5 The Fanatic morning show joins us to talk Union and sports talk radio! We get a behind the scenes look at some talk radio and learn how Jamie got his soccer fandom.

Episode #15 - Bottom of the Barrel w/ Joe Tansey

This week we have Joe Tansey on the pod! We discuss Joe's background, talk about possibilities for MLS, and Adam makes his debut on Asshat of the Week!

Episode #14 - IASIP/SoB Crossover ft. Union Hulk

This week we crossover with It's Always Soccer in Philadelphia as Kevin Kinkead joins the pod! we also have an exclusive Union Hulk interview! It's everything you would probably expect it to be.... Be sure to check out part 1 of the crossover over on the IASIP feed!

Episode #13 - Adam has a PSA

We're back to just the 3 of us as we discuss the Union. We talk about some exciting tailgate news, give our Netflix recommendations, and play a Trivia game. Adam also has a PSA for all you Philadelphia residents. Be sure to play along and DM @devin6159 some names you'd like to see in next week's Trivia to stump Matt and Adam!

Episode #12 - Jim Curtin Takes Us Behind The Curtain

This week, Jim Curtin joins us to take us behind the scenes as we talk Union. We take a ride in the time machine and talk about Jim's playing career, what drove him to become a Coach, and how the league has changed over the years.

Episode #11 - Kevin Casey Teaches Us History

This week we are joined by PA Announcer and Legend, Kevin Casey. Kevins shares some fun stories about his time as an announcer, and the guys play a game!

Episode #10 - The Tim McDermott Shark Tank Show

This week we have on the Chief Business Officer of the Philadelphia Union, Time Mcdermott! We discuss a wide range of things from the COVID19 implications, all the way to Tom Brady.

Episode #9 - The Calm Before The Storm w/ Sebastien Le Toux

We were thrilled to have Seba join us for this week's episode! We discussed how Seba got to the Union, asked him some hard hitting questions, and talked the LAFC thriller. OH, and you'll want to hear this asshat of the week. It's Adam's turn to rant.

Episode #8 - Matt Goes on a Rant

Matt is on the road this week in Orlando, but still finds the time to record a pod! We discuss the Dallas game and the upcoming LAFC match, as well as break some tailgate news! Check it out and be sure to let us know what you think!

Episode #7 - Ben in Blazers

This week we have on JW, Producer of the Men in Blazers show! We delve into a bit of JW's background as well as some European football. Don't worry, Matt and Adam discuss their 2020 Union Predictions at the end of the pod. Enjoy!

Episode #6 - Mark Plays a Game

This week we have on Philadelphia Union Senior Director of Ticket Sales and Fan Services, Mark Evans! We discuss the upcoming season, some new changes to expect, and Mark even plays a game!

Episode #5 - Phang Beta Kappa

This week Matt and Adam transition into some Union & SoB news! They discuss membership kits, more Phang, the Inter Miami mess, and more!

Episode #4 - The Brace Chronicles

This week we have on Fox Sports: The Gambler's very own, Sean Brace! Sean is one of the few sports radio members that talks union, and boy does he love the union. We discuss kits, SoB day at the Academy, and sponsorships.

Episode #3 - The Gang Makes Katie Curse

This week we have the pleasure of bringing on our first guest, Katie Fehlinger! Katie has been a long time Union fan and attempts to keep Matt and Adam on the rails.

Episode #2 - Sexy Season

This week we talk about the Union's upcoming Sexy Season! We discuss all the Ernst signings, the Union U12 Show, SoB Philanthropy, and much more!

Episode #1 - The Beginning of the End

This week we bring you the first ever episode of the Sons of Ben Podcast!


Welcome to Son's of Ben the Pod! This week we just wanted to give you a brief summary of what we will be doing on the pod and a little background of ourselves!